West Midlands Ringing Group (WMRG) are British Trust of Ornithology (BTO) Licensed ringers with sites across West Midlands, Staffordshire & Shropshire

Annual Report

WMRG Team Members... Ben Dolan: A Trainer, Paul Hopwood: A Trainer, Ferg Henderson: A Trainer, Jim Stewart: A, Keith Clowes: C, Jess Stewart-Smith: C

Martin George: C John Overfield C, Anita C, Paul Smith: T, Matilda Dolan T, Andy Elliot: T, Faye Minister T, Johnny Wood H.

Why do we ring birds?

Ringing birds is essential if we are to learn about how long birds live and when and where they move, questions that are vital for bird conservation.

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We use Ecotone mist nets!

Discover how we're using new technology to help understand bird.

Check out the latest from our colour ringing Gull project from Marsh Lane Nature Reserve.

Thermal Camera Guide
Colour Ring projects

WMRG now have their own YOUTUBE channel to take you on our thermal imaging journey.

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